When Pittston got its wings

Saw a piece on TV last night about Buffalo wings. To be honest, I was surprised some people still call them that. They started out with that name more than 50 years ago but have since become known as hot wings, or simply wings.
Buffalo wings, according to most sources, got their start in 1964 in Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. Hence the name. I first heard about them a few years later from the Savokinas brothers, Mike and Ray, who owned and operated Savo’s Pizza in Pittston. I clearly remember them telling me about these chicken wings smothered in hot sauce and saying they were going to introduce them at their restaurant. Obviously, they were on to something.
I wrote a column about it back then. I don’t have a copy of it but I do remember how I ended it. I said I had no problem trying these new “Buffalo wings” as long as they weren’t served with a side of chips.
Get it?
“Buffalo chips.”
Well, I thought it was funny.

Ed Ackerman