Cheesy jokes

My friend Paul Martin Trzcinski is the king of cheesy jokes.
For example:
“Every fortune teller I meet is always angry or always sad. I just can’t seem to find a happy medium.”
Rim shot.
Paul earns his living playing the guitar and singing. He also writes songs. I play his CD in my car all the time and never grow tired of it. He’s also one of my favorite artists to enjoy live.
He often surprises me by playing a song you wouldn’t expect of a solo artist. One such song is “Paint It Black” by The Rolling Stones. Paul introduced the song by explaining that The Beatles’ George Harrison discovered the musical instrument the sitar while traveling in India. He came back to England and incorporated the sitar into several songs.
Well, Brian Jones of The ‘Stones decided to do likewise and used the sitar in “Paint It Black.” Paul said he would give the song a try on his acoustic guitar.
He aced it, of course, but when he finished he said to the audience: “I know what you’re thinking. That was close, but no sitar.”
The reason I love Paul’s humor so much is that he reminds me of my late Uncle Eddie. “Did I ever tell you about the time I fell off the horse?” Uncle Eddie would ask.
“It was about 2:30,” he’d respond before you had a chance to say anything.
One day we were driving along through the country and Uncle Eddie look out the window and said, “There’s a farmer who’s outstanding in his field.”
“How do you know that?” my brother asked.
“Just look at him,” Uncle Eddie said.
We all did. And there the farmer was. Out. Standing. In his field.

Ed Ackerman