101 … and counting

His hearing isn’t good at all these days. Even the latest hearing aids are little help.
And he excuses himself frequently to use the bathroom. That’s the Lasix. Water retention is the enemy now.
But at 101 years old, my friend Johnny Boy is as sharp as ever. Up on current events. quick with the joke, and all too ready to break into song or recite a Bible verse word for word.
I call John Markarian “Johnny Boy” because that’s what he calls himself, that’s what he wants me to call him. He has every right to be called “Reverend” or “Doctor” or even “Reverend Doctor.” He is an ordained Presbyterian minister and has a PhD in Theology.
His wife threw him a big party a year ago when he turned 100. But 101? Well, that’s not as big a deal. At least, that’s the rumor he’s been perpetrating.
My wife and I dropped by with a cake and chocolate eclairs, his favorite, and an impromptu celebration sprang up. His daughter Joanne, his only child, was visiting from California for the occasion and a neighbor dropped in. We all ate too much cake and drank too much coffee and enjoyed too much laughter, if that’s possible.
I picture Johnny Boy living forever. He just beat off that nasty Rhino virus and is anticipating hitting the golf course again soon. He gave up tennis about five or six years ago but don’t make too much out of that.

Ed Ackerman