Don’t wish your life away

Just saw a TV commercial that made me want to scream. Scream at the guy on the screen who was making the biggest mistake a person can make.
The guy is sitting in the front seat of his car when something, that looks to be maybe a piece of cereal, perhaps a Cheerio, or maybe a piece of popcorn, bounces off his head. The camera cuts to a little tyke in a car seat behind him and you now know who is pelting his father with food. The little boy is giggling. He’s bright and happy and adorable.
Back to his dad who is sporting a look of disgust. Or at best boredom.
Enter stage right a few guys on motorcycles.
Noooo, I started screaming in my head. Noooo, don’t let this commercial be about a dad wishing he was on one of those bikes, flying down the road, all carefree with his buds.
But that’s exactly what it was about.
Buddeeeee, I yelled at the screen, the best bud you’ll ever have is sitting right behind you.
And, guess what? He’s not going to be little forever. Before you know it, he’ll be wanting to hang with his own friends instead of being with you. And you’ll regret every moment you took for granted back when you were his entire world.
It’s about living in the moment.
Every moment of our lives we have a choice to make: live in the moment with everything we have, or wish we were somewhere else.
In truth, that really means making a choice between living and not living.
My advice to that dad in the commercial? Grab one of those Cheerios and toss it right back at your little boy. Make a game of it. Then smother him with kisses and take him for an ice cream cone.
And pray to the gods that time will slow down. And thank them for the gift of fatherhood.

Ed Ackerman