Can they really be that young?

Clark Sweitzer chose the title “The Rest of the Story” for his remarks at Wednesday’s commemoration of the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Wyoming, sometimes called the “Wyoming Massacre.”
History, he said, provides us the rest of the story, and to illustrate how important this is, he opened with a joke.
A child asks her grandfather, what is the most significant historical event of his lifetime.
After some thought, the grandfather says it has to be the moonwalk.
“Michael Jackson’s dance step was the most important thing in your lifetime?” the youngster responds.
It reminded me of a breakfast meeting I attended a few weeks ago. As we chatted following the conclusion of our business, I mentioned a few friends of mine and I have tickets to see Dion in July at the Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre.
Three of our party, all my age or older, got very excited. The other three, perhaps in their early 30s, fell silent.
“You know who we’re talking about, right?” one of my older friends finally asked.
“The policeman?” one of them answered.
Dion Fernandez, whom they all know, is a Pittston City patrolmen.
And not the person I and my friends will pay $65 apiece to see later this month.

Ed Ackerman