‘I got a song’

That’s how Dion (DiMucci) introduced nearly every song he performed at the Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre last Friday night.
The audience loved it.
And loved him.
Throughout, I kept wondering if I’d ever seen an entertainer more sincere. I felt I was hanging out with my best bud. Who, by the way, could really, really sing.
Up in the first row of the mezzanine, I was hanging out with three of my best buds: Pat Ginochietti, Joe Leone and Tony Alu. The four of us usually attend two or three concerts every year. One of us will hear of a show and contact the other three and set it up. I get credit for Joe Walsh last summer. Tony took care of Dion. Gino has us going to see Johnny Rivers in December.
We drove to the Dion gig in style. In Gino’s 1938 Buick. It’s an attention getter, that’s for sure.
I am shocked at how many young people don’t know Dion. At the Kirby, I ran into a couple I know and they told me their daughter had won tickets to the show. “She told us she won tickets to see Celine Dion and did we want them,” my friend said.
My two kids, one 35 and one 31, both known Dion, primarily for his song “Abraham, Martin and John.” I had it on a mix tape when they were little and when they heard it one day in my car they each started to cry. “Never play that again,” they said.
I thought about them when Dion performed it at the Kirby. And shed a tear myself.

Ed Ackerman