That God

I decided while having coffee at home Sunday morning to go to the 11:30 a.m. Mass at St. John the Evangelist Church, but I didn’t know why. Until I got there.
When I arrived, I noticed my friend of some 56 years, Joe Leone, was on the altar with his guitar as part of a small combo designed to bring a modern, youthful feel to the Mass. Actually, I knew Joe had been doing this, but never before attended one of these services.
When it came time for Communion, I noticed my friend Marlene Marriggi was serving as a Eucharist Minister. I’ve known Marlene for only about four months, but in that time, we have grown extremely close. We were brought together by another friend to work on a project and have gotten together every week all summer for several hours at a time.
“Let’s get in Marlene’s line,” I said to my wife, and as we moved in that direction, the musical group started singing a song I recognized immediately as one my friend Joe had written.
What a glorious feeling surrounded me as I reached the altar. There I was, receiving the Body of Christ from my newest friend, while right over her shoulder, a beautiful song was being sung and played by one of my oldest friends.
Another friend from years ago used to encourage me to “Listen to Spirit.” I’m sure that’s what I did last Sunday.

Ed Ackerman