Perfect way to spend Father’s Day

I spent part of Father’s Day in June in a movie theater in Los Angeles with my son and daughter-in-law.
We went to see “Mr. Rogers.” And the three of us cried.
They were tears of joy more than tears of sadness. Or perhaps tears of emotion is a better way to put it. It case we had forgotten what a beautiful man Fred Rogers was, seeing him again, spending nearly two hours in his presence, brought it all back. And it was almost too much for us to bear.
Gentleness is not popular in Donald Trump’s America. In fact, it’s practically nonexistent. Seeing it in all its glory, in the persona of Mr. Rogers, was a pointed reminder of how much we need it, and how much we, at least the three of us sitting there together, miss it.
I know how my son thinks. I know his kind, loving heart. But I’m just getting to know his wife. They’ve been married only two years.
Movies are Ashley’s life. She’s a marketing director at Netflix, and in that capacity has to be somewhat tough. Or at least resilient. The world she runs in is no place for the faint of heart.
But watching the tears roll down her cheeks as we shared our Mr. Rogers experience, told me much more about her than the tour I got of her office in the eye-popping Netflix complex. That Ashley does indeed have a gentle heart, and has not lost it functioning in her fast-paced career pleases me.
This is actually the second time I’ve witnessed this side of Ashley. After Netflix released the movie “Okja” about this giant, as they say, “hippoesque” pig with whom a little girl falls in love and desperately wants to save from the butcher’s cleaver, Ashley stopped eating pork and pork products. She still will not.
Gotta love a girl like this. My son, obviously, does. And so do i.

Ed Ackerman