Too soon for pumpkin

The draft beer choices at Ernie G’s in Avoca Friday night tested my resolve.
I was at Ernie G’s primarily to enjoy the music of my friends Tony Alu and Dave Grundman, who perform as the duo “The Duke and the Dauphin.” Tony is the Duke. Dave the Dauphin, a French term for royalty.
Tony and I are old friends, going back to our high school days more than 50 years ago. Dave and I have become friends in recent years, through his relationship with Tony and his marriage to another high school friend, the former Jean Antonello. But Dave and I knew each other back in the early ‘70s when he played in the bands The Gas Company and Fat Cat along with my friend Joe Leone. These days, when not playing with Dave, Tony performs with Joe. They call themselves The Tompkins Street Duo, named after the street they lived on when they were kids.
I was at Ernie G’s for another reason, too. Their pizza. It’s a unique style that calls to my wife and me on a regular basis. Friday, Mary Kay opted to stay home but made me promise to bring back pizza. It was an easy promise to keep.
But back to the beer.
I’m not a Miller Lite or Coors Light guy, so there were only three drafts to choose from. And two I quickly ruled out.
One was Sam Adams Summer Ale. I like Sam’s Summer. But only in summer. Like wearing white, I have a rule to not drink summer brews after Labor Day.
Another tap was a pumpkin beer. The problem with that is I am not at all ready for anything pumpkin. In the first place, it bums me out that so many things are pumpkin flavored nowadays. It diminishes the thrill of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.
I confess that I soon will partake of pumpkin squares, and pumpkin muffins, and even pumpkin soup, and, yes, pumpkin beer. But I won’t in the first week of September.
So I ordered a Blue Moon. “Please,” I begged, “no orange or lemon slice.” I don’t do fruit in beer. It arrived with a lemon slice anyway. And I drank it anyway.
Funny thing is, if they had an Oktoberfest I gladly would have ordered that. I know what you’re thinking. October is three weeks away. All I can say is my “rules” are more like “guidelines.”

Ed Ackerman