Pittston still Pittston

Pittston City, my Pittston City, has always been a friendly place filled with people only too happy to help one another. That’s primarily the reason I continue to live here after 68 years.
Well, I am pleased to report, that neighborly spirit is alive and well.
If you read my column over the weekend in Greater Pittston Progress, you know I am going to be “roasted” Saturday night at the F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre at the kickoff event for Paint Pittston Pink 2018. This is the fifth anniversary of Paint Pittston Pink, which was founded by Barbara Sciandra and Qiana Lehman, to raise funds for cancer research. In the four previous years, they have raised nearly a quarter-of-a-million dollars.
For Saturday’s event I want to wear a pink bow tie. Which meant finding a pink bow tie.
But where?
I decided to start at Tuxedo by Sarno on Main Street, hoping they might rent or even sell me a pink bow tie, if indeed they had one.
I was in for a pleasant surprise.
First of all, the store is spectacular. I encourage everyone to stop in and check it out, even if renting a tux is the furthest thing from your mind. The place is first class in every way.
Adrienne Spangenberg, the store manager, welcomed me and when I explained my situation, she responded, without hesitation, “Why don’t I just loan you a tie and you can bring it back when you are finished?”
Before I could answer, she was headed to the display in the store window. “I only have one pink bow tie, so I hope you don’t mind me taking it off the mannequin,” she said, already taking it off the mannequin.
Her kindness, her level of understanding, and her sweet disposition left me almost speechless.
“If you want, you can hang a sign on that guy,” I said, pointing to the mannequin, “saying his pink bow tie is on loan to Ed Ackerman for Saturday’s Paint Pittston Pink Roast.”
Not sure if she is going to do that. But if you notice that mannequin is tieless, now you know why. He should be back in full dress come Monday afternoon.

Ed Ackerman