Me give up

Several years ago one of my students casually said in class something like, “Me and Josh are going for Chinese food later.”
I stop and said to everyone, “I know this isn’t an English class (it was Intro to Mass Communications), but do you all know that ‘me and Josh’ is incorrect English?”
Heads nodded all around.
“So, you know the proper thing to say is ‘Josh and I’?”
Again, every head nodded.
“How many of you would say, ‘Josh and I’?”
Not a single hand went up.
“So, you’d all say, ‘Me and Josh’?”
All said they would.
“Why?” I asked. “Why wouldn’t you say, ‘Josh and I’?”
“Because,” one of them said, “saying ‘Josh and I’ would sound stupid.”
And there it was. Speaking correct English sounds stupid.
As I said, that was several years ago, and between then and now, all I hear is the objective pronoun “me” when there’s a compound subject of a sentence. It’s always – and I do mean always – me and someone. And never someone and I.
So, I think it’s time for me to give up and give in.
For one thing, my students should be impressed. I won’t sound stupid to them anymore.

Ed Ackerman