Few pet peeves, but …

Several years ago a King’s College student interviewed me for an English class project. She also talked to a few of my friends. One characterized me as a “live and let live kind of guy.”
I liked that. I never wanted to be the person who sees the speck of sawdust in another’s eye while ignoring the plank in his own. Thank you, St. Matthew.
That said, a good snowstorm seems to bring out the worst in me. I’m talking about the few pet peeves I harbor.
One is the folks who do not clean all the snow off their cars. It’s not enough for you to be able to see out the front window. Once you get rolling, all that snow on your roof is going to be all over, sometimes in a blinding way, the vehicle behind you.
Another is the folks who when shoveling their walks throw the snow into the street. All that snow hardens into a washboard-like surface that makes driving difficult if not dangerous.
Throw that snow back into your yard. It’s good for the grass.

Ed Ackerman