The man who ran over himself

I spent part of New Year’s Day missing my late Uncle Eddie Strubeck and wishing I could call him to wish him a Happy New Year.
Even if he were alive, however, I could not have done it. His mourning period would not have been over.
Uncle Eddie, who passed away in February of 2016, was a fan of the New York Yankees, the Cleveland Browns, and above all the Notre Dame Fightin’ Irish. And throughout his life, all of us knew if Notre Dame lost a football game, you could not talk to him for three days.
He would have been particularly disgusted with his team’s performance last Saturday against Clemson.
To ease his pain, and by way of a distraction, if I could talk to him, I’d ask him to tell me what everyone in our family affectionately calls an “Uncle Eddie joke.” This is one of a few dozen lame jokes he was prone to tell all too frequently.
I don’t know why the following one of his repertoire comes to mind, but here it is:

Did you hear about the man who ran over himself?
Well, he asked his wife to run over to the store and buy him a pack of cigarettes.
But she said, “No.”
So he ran over himself.

Miss you, Uncle Eddie.

Ed Ackerman