Take a lesson from show biz

There are a lot of new faces at Planet Fitness and all other gyms these days.
It’s a New Year’s Resolution thing. Been there myself. More than once.
One of those new faces approached me the other day. It’s an old new face. A guy I’ve known for, oh, 40 years or more. He has at least five years on me, and I’m 69.
He said he hasn’t worked out in years and asked if I had any advice.
I did.
The best thing I can tell anyone starting up an exercise program is to take a lesson from show business. The first thing to remember in show biz, it is said, is to “leave them wanting more.”
As show biz goes, it’s far better to have the audience disappointed that the show ended too soon than to have them leave thinking “I thought that would never end.”
Same with working out. Overdo it on the first day, and you won’t be back for weeks, if at all. Better to take things slow. Even if you think there’s a few more crunches in you, or perhaps another half-mile, better to call it quits and come back tomorrow. Increase your effort in tiny increments.
You didn’t get out of shape in a day, or a week, or a month. So you can’t get into shape in that little time either.

Ed Ackerman