My friend’s mom

I did not know my friend Bobby Nese’s mother very well. But after attending her funeral Wednesday morning I do now.
That’s because of the homily delivered by Rev. Patrick Albert.
I know Bobby Nese through my longtime friend Tony Alu. Tony and I have been friends for close to 60 years. He and Bobby are married to sisters. Tony to the former Kathy Burns and Bobby to the former Patrice Burns.
I met Bobby’s mom, Theresa Petrini Nese, only once, at a party at Tony’s. Afterwards I put a photo of her with her birthday cake, which was decorated like the American flag, in the newspaper. The clipping was included in a photo display of her life at Prince of Peace parish in Old Forge.
“I graduated college 31 years ago,” Father Albert began. “I remember that day not because I was such a good student, but because Theresa Nese made me a homemade pasta dinner.”
Father Albert, 65, explained he had known Teresa all his life. She was 89 when she died.
He went on to paint a picture of a kind, caring woman, who lived her life for others. She had been organist at St. Mary’s church (now Prince of Peace) for 13 years and had volunteered in the school’s cafeteria, which was appropriate because her favorite thing was to feed people. She was a master of old, traditional Italian dishes, Father Albert said.
As he expressed his condolences to Bobby and his sister Maria, you could tell Father Albert felt Theresa’s loss just as much as they.

Ed Ackerman