Come out and play tonight at The Mill

There’s a playfulness in the air at The Red Mill Tavern in Pittston that always puts a smile on my face.
It starts with owner Robbie Johnson. He’s a warm, charming guy who makes you feel you are his most valued customer. Even if, like me, you only show up from time to time.
At the moment, however I am in the middle of my first back-to-back appearance there ever.
I dropped by last night for a meeting of the Pittston Area Lettermen’s Club. The Mill is our home base. Robbie is the biggest reason, but a close second is the food. We order a simple spread of antipasto (hot peppers and anchovies are a must), sausage and peppers and pizza. We eat our fill and usually leave with leftovers. Which makes it a lot easier for the married guys to get the night out.
As the meeting was wrapping up, Robbie asked if I’d stick around for a drink and he didn’t have to twist my arm. It was a quiet night, which the zero-degree temp outside surely had something to do with, so I was a bit surprised when Erin Berlew and Jay Duffy showed up. “Do you guys have your nights mixed up?” I asked.
Each will be a celebrity bartender tonight at The Mill for a Pittston Arts Council fund raiser.
No, they weren’t there on the wrong night. Turns out they were there to practice.
They went into the back room and practiced flipping bottles of booze back and forth to each other, ala Tom Cruise in the movie “Cocktail.” Then they came out to the bar area and videoed themselves doing the same for a Facebook promotion.
As I said, The Red Mill is playful.
Tonight’s event (Friday, Feb. 1) is from 5 to 9, making it convenient to stop for a drink on the way home from work. Joining Erin and Jay will be fellow “local legends” P.J. Melvin, Allan Glodzik, Matt Pisano, Phil Campenni, Rosanne Ricotta, Annarose Salvo, and Lisa Joyce.
All tips will support the Pittston Arts Council which in turn supports the arts throughout the city.
The Citizens Voice and Pittston Progress, I am proud to say, are media sponsors.
So, stop by. The outside temperature should be up to a balmy 18 degrees by then. And you have to do something to celebrate Groundhog Day Eve.

Ed Ackerman