The right word

A friend recently asked me if I realized words have been providing me with a paycheck for more than 50 years.
No, I hadn’t thought of that.
But he’s right. One might say words have been my life.
As such, I get great joy at seeing a word used properly. Like on a recent trip to the pharmacy when I noticed a sign that read: Please wait here to ensure privacy for all customers.
I wanted to break into applause.
Do you have any idea how few people would use the proper “ensure” as these folks at the pharmacy had?
Most folks don’t know there are two ensures/insures. But there are.
Most think there’s only one: insure.
The difference is pretty easy to master. “Insure” should only be used in reference to insurance, as in to insure your home or your car.
“Ensure” means to make certain something happens. Like ensuring privacy of customers as stated in the above sign.
Should you care? Perhaps not. But since words put food on my table, I believe I should.

Ed Ackerman