A Bloody Mary, hold the guilt

In Chicago they serve a Bloody Mary with a 4-oz. glass of beer on the side.
In Pittston on St. Patrick’s Parade day, they serve it with a side of guilt.
At least to me they do.
See, every Lent I “fast” on alcohol. I’ve been doing this for a good 40 years.
But when Pittston resumed having a St. Patrick’s Day Parade a few years ago, my mettle was challenged. And came up short.
I walk in the parade with my colleagues from Greater Pittston Progress and we typically line up somewhere in the vicinity of the Red Mill Tavern near the “Fork in the Road” in South Pittston. A parade tradition for many, is to pop into the Mill for an early morning Bloody. It’s wall-to-wall fun, including a full bagpipe band.
And something I simply cannot resist.
So I order a Bloody Mary and wind up feeling a little bit guilty all the way to Easter.
But not this year.
This year Easter comes late, April 21, which means Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent and the start of my fast, is next Wednesday, March 6. The parade is tomorrow, March 2.
Come to think of it, this year, I might even go for a Chicago-style beer on the side. Instead of testing my mettle, I’ll be testing my bladder.

Ed Ackerman