Signs of spring

For me, it’s not the groundhog that signals the coming of spring, whether he sees his shadow or not.
It’s a couple of TV commercials.
The first I saw a few weeks back. Each winter, the first time I hear Jim Nantz say, “A tradition unlike any other,” I know spring is one its way. Nantz, a CBS broadcaster who has been reciting this line for the past 30 years, uses it to announce the coming of The Masters golf tournament at Augusta National golf club. It always puts a smile on my face. This year’s Masters is scheduled April 11 through 14.
I don’t play golf. Have never touched a club. But I love watching it on TV. And I must say Nantz’s claim is right on the money. Apparently, Augusta National agrees. “A tradition unlike any other” has become a registered trademark.
The second commercial I consider a harbinger of spring is the one for Cadbury Cream Eggs.
Manufactured originally by the Cadbury chocolate company in Great Britain, and dating back to 1923, the Cadbury Crème Egg, as we know it, was first introduced in 1971. The eggs, an Easter tradition “unlike any other,” are manufactured and distributed in America by Hershey Chocolates.
Easter this year is Sunday, April 21, a week after The Masters.
It’s 22 degrees out as I write this. But I don’t care. Spring’s a comin’. My TV tells me so.

Ed Ackerman