It’s a start

As of today, Friday morning, the Yankees and Phillies have the potential to each go 162-0 this season.
They won’t, of course. But they don’t have to either.
All we ask is that they win more than they lose. Preferably somewhere between 60 and, say, 70 times more than they lose. That should be enough to put them in the post season. Which means as much as we are cheering after their opening day victories, we’ll be cheering even more come October.
I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan. The Redbirds won’t go undefeated this year. They lost their opener.
But while I am hoping my team makes the playoffs and perhaps even wins the National League Central, I am rooting just as hard (well, almost as hard) for the Yankees and Phillies to do likewise.
When you live around here, summers are great fun when the Yanks and Phils are winning.
Here’s hoping they keep it up.

Ed Ackerman