Ah, spring

Note: Despite a weather report that calls for light snow or a little wintry mix to start the day Friday, I believe it’s time I trot out this silly little rhyme I composed a few years ago.

Feeling great
Bet you are too
The sun is shining
The sky is blue
The snow on grass
Replaced with dew
Winter’s gone
We made it through

Feeling great
Know what I mean?
Everything white
Now is green
Gray, dark days
Turned peachy keen
Cold no longer
Reigns supreme

Feeling great
It’s about time
Makes me wanna
Compose a rhyme
Just a ditty
Nothing sublime
Hey, I’m happy
Is that a crime?

Feeling great
How’d we do it?
Just the thought
Made us rue it
But bundled up
We came through it
If truth be told
We always knew it

Feeling great
No longer blue
To snow shovels
We’ve bid adieu
We’ve won again
We always do
Winter’s gone
We made it through

Feeling great
The problem now
Is slowing time
Some way, some how
But summer flies
We know by now
And winter’s return
We’ll have to allow

Ed Ackerman