Talking dog brings back memory

My late ex-father-in-law is on my mind this morning. A TV commercial with a talking dog made me think of him.
Bob Sefchik passed away nearly 33 years ago, in September of 1986, just a few weeks before his grandson, my son, was born.
Although Bob and my mother-in-law were divorced and somewhat estranged, I enjoyed a cordial relationship with him. Bob was in sales, and like any successful salesman, possessed a bevy of jokes. Mostly lame, to be sure, but jokes nonetheless.
Of course, he had one about a talking dog.
This guy brings a dog into a tavern.
“We don’t allow dogs in here,” the bartender announces.
“But this is a talking dog,” the guy says.
“Yeah, right,” the bartender says. “Get outta here.”
“No, I’m serious,” the guy says. “If I prove it, can we stay?”
“If you prove it,” the bartender says, “you can stay and your drinks are free.”
“You’re on,” the guy says. “Go ahead, ask my dog a question.”
“Okay,” the bartender says, and then turns to the dog and asks, “Who is the greatest baseball player ever?”
“Roof,” the dog says.
“Whaddya take me for?” the bartender says. “Some kind of halfwit? Now, get out before I throw you out.”
Sitting outside on the curb, the guy looks at his dog, shakes his head, and disgustedly says, “Roof?”
“What?” the dog asks. “I should have said Gehrig?”

Ed Ackerman