Another reason to be PA Proud

You have to laugh at the number of national “days” there are on the U.S. calendar.
Unless you have to write a blog a couple of times a week. Then you rejoice.
Especially when you wake up Friday morning, a blog day for you, with nothing on your mind and flip on the TV only to discover today, April 26, is National Pretzel Day.
And when you hear National Day Pretzel started here in Pennsylvania, well, what could be sweeter? Or saltier, I mean.
Off to Google you go, and it gets better and better.
National Pretzel Day, you learn, was begun fairly recently, 2003, by then-Gov. Ed Rendell. You also learn Pennsylvania is the pretzel capital of the nation, producing 80% of the country’s pretzels.
There are other tidbits, which I know are not pretzels but little crackers when you write the word with a capital T. Nevertheless, here are two nuggets (pun intended): pretzels are a $550 million a year industry, and Philadelphians consume 12 times as many pretzels as all other Americans. And I thought everybody walked right past those sidewalk vendors after Phillies and Eagles games.
My daughter called from Texas as I was writing this and I told her I was going to pose a question to my readers: pretzels or chips?
“Oooo,” she said, “that’s a tough one.”
But then she quickly added, “You do know about pretzels and beer cheese, don’t you?”
Whom did she think she was talking to?
And then she brought up pretzel rolls. She said if there are sandwiches, including and especially burgers, offered on pretzel rolls, she can’t resist.
Me, too, I added, and was about to say, that does it, I choose pretzels over chips. But then I thought about potato rolls. And was back to square one.
Now, if I were to walk past an Auntie Ann’s in a mall and take a deep breath today, I believe the debate would come to a quick end. In fact, I know it would.

Ed Ackerman