They’re getting closer

I’m talking blueberries.
The ones in my fridge right now – well, what’s left of them after I just concluded a spree – are from North Carolina. Only a few weeks ago, they would have been from Mexico. And before that, South America.
I am anxiously awaiting, of course, blueberries from New Jersey. Hammonton, New Jersey, to be exact. The “Blueberry Capital of the World.” It’s always a rush to see “Hammonton” on a package of blueberries.
And then, come mid to late June, voila! We’ll be buying blueberries from right here in our own backyard of Northeastern Pennsylvania. And, if we choose (which I highly recommend) picking our own.
Picking wild blueberries was one of my dad’s favorite summer activities. And when I was old enough to go along, well, nothing was better than that. He’d use a water pail, looping his belt through the handle so he could pick with both hands. The first time he took me with him, he made me my own pail, fastening a wire “handle” to a coffee can, and looping my belt through it.
Today, I cannot tell if I love blueberries or just love the memory of picking them with my dad. Probably both.

Ed Ackerman