Sweet memory of a sweet lady

My wife cried when she learned of the passing of Mary Graziano.
Mary Kay and her sisters spent their earlier childhood playing with their South Main Street neighbors, particularly Charles and Charlene Graziano, whose parents ran the funeral home not far from Mary Kay’s dad’s Fidelity TV store.
Whenever we stopped at the current Graziano Funeral Home on the Pittston By-pass, Mary Kay would relish her visits with Mary, whom we’d often find in the office. Mary Graziano always brought up the good times spent with Mary Kay’s mom, Mary (Saporito) Hrab, and their families.
Mary Graziano died more than two weeks ago, on Palm Sunday, at 92 years old. Mary Kay has been talking about her since. Most recently, she recalled the time she was a little girl sitting at the Graziano kitchen table and being served, in Mary Kay’s words, “the most delicious watermelon I had ever tasted. And then Mary put salt on it and made it even better.”
Mary Kay wanted to know if I ever heard of putting salt on watermelon. I hadn’t, I told her, but my mom used to put salt on cantaloupe, and my Dad on green Granny Smith apples.
A quick internet search revealed salt makes watermelon taste sweeter because it creates a salty/sweet contrast.
But I get the feeling my wife thought Mary Graziano’s salted watermelon was so sweet because she thought Mary Graziano was so sweet.
Which she was.

Ed Ackerman