Live and learn

It was gratifying to see how quickly Tom Shubilla grabbed one of the cupcakes I brought to a recent meeting at the college.
And enlightening to watch him eat it.
I must point out that Tom, a public speaking professor, is one of those guys who wouldn’t gain an ounce if you force fed him. Oh, to have his metabolism. Along with his waistline.
But I don’t hold that against him. Besides, when I bring cupcakes, I want people to enjoy them. Tom, as I said, was the first to oblige.
Then he taught me something. The proper way to eat a cupcake.
I watched in a bit of stunned disbelief as Tom tore the bottom off the cupcake and placed on top, making what can best be described as a “cupcake sandwich.” The icing part wound up in the middle.
The rest of the public speaking department at the college, chair Sujanet Mason and professor Gina Schwartz, were unfazed. Turns out they’d seen this before. “Oh, yeah,” Gina said, “it’s the Chef Duff way.”
Chef Duff?
They explained Chef Duff is Chef Jeffrey Adam “Duff” Goldman, of “Ace of Cakes” fame. I was sure I’d heard of him but had never seen his television show, and probably could not have picked him out of a lineup.
Anyway, Chef Duff, it turns out, proclaims this is the only way to eat a cupcake. Bottom goes on top, icing winds up in the middle.
I have to admit it makes sense. My biggest complaint about a cupcake, other that the mess I typically make getting the paper off, is that I get icing all over my teeth.
Wonder if Chef Duff also has a way of keeping cupcakes from going right to my middle.

Ed Ackerman