Out of bad, good

At first it seemed a bad decision. Then it got worse.
My wife and I were out in the Back Mountain Tuesday afternoon and on our way home via West 8th Street in the Carverton area when I remembered we had planned to do a little shopping at the stores in the Arena Hub. So, I reluctantly headed toward the Dallas Highway, Route 309, always a scary proposition with its winding curves and aggressive drivers, only to discover the road had been milled for paving and with heavy rain falling felt even more treacherous than ever.
Then I noticed a guy speeding up to pass me. Just what I needed.
It seemed prudent to edge a little to the right and give him plenty of room when – Boom!!! – I hit the raised grate of a storm drain and my right tire exploded.
Now, the last thing you want on the Dallas highway in a downpour is a flat tire. I got the car to the shoulder but knew changing a flat there was out of the question, even if I called Triple A.
But before I could even say “Darn,” which is about as vulgar as I get, I looked across the highway and there, perhaps a hundred feet away, was a garage. But not just any garage, a garage specializing in tires.
Miraculously, there were no cars coming in either direction and inching the car across the four-lane highway was a breeze.
The guy could not have been any nicer. He sold used tires and, just like that, picked out a beauty and 20 minutes and 50 bucks later (which included a 15-dollar tip) we were on our way.
I always look for the positive in every negative situation and the positive in this one, I believe, was a reminder that there are a lot of good people in the world. And it’s uncanny how often they show up just when you need them.

Ed Ackerman