Being healthy kinda sucks

June is going fast. And summer along with it.
No surprise there. Summer always flies.
As I sit here with my second cup of coffee, contemplating the day ahead, it occurs to me that I am healthier this summer than I’ve been in years. And it kinda sucks.
I’ve been drinking more water. And far fewer beers.
I’ve been eating plenty of fruit. And hardly any ice cream.
I’m lunching on cottage cheese on a bed of lettuce. And not enough hot dogs on the grill.
I’ve been getting to bed early. And not meeting friends for late-night margaritas.
I’ve been wearing sunscreen and a hat and generally staying out of the sun. And seeing a white, un-tanned body in the mirror.
What has gotten into me?
And more importantly, can I conjure up the old “Summertime Eddie” before it’s too late?

Ed Ackerman