Skin is in

So, today is National Bikini Day.
In a world of Kardashians, and Britney Spears, and Cardi B, and the girl she’s always fighting with, and just about everyone else in the world of entertainment, you could say every day is National Bikini Day.
Couldn’t you?
I guess I sound like a prude, but my goodness, where has modesty gone?
Several years ago a woman from Texas gave me a CD by a religious singer who goes by the stage name Carman. I loved it. The music was good and the lyrics delivered God’s message with a wit that I found delightful. In a song about how difficult it is to fight temptation, he sings about bikinis. They’re so small, he sings, that he swears he’s seen more cotton in an aspirin bottle.
This was about 1985, mind you, when bikinis covered about five times as much as they do today.
When singing about those 1985 bikinis, Carman tells us, “Keep your eyes on your Creator, man, and not on His creation.”
Good luck with that in 2019. Especially on National Bikini Day.

Ed Ackerman