Apocalypse upon us, indeed

For two decades Sports Illustrated ran a feature called “Signs the Apocalypse is Upon Us.” It included things like this from May 9, 2016: A die-hard Green Bay fan is marrying a woman named Packer and taking her last name.
Or this, from May 30, of that same year: Floyd Mayweather Jr., who shaves his head, sees a hair stylist two or three times a week and pays $1,000 a pop.
Or, from Jan. 13, 2016: Chip Kelly was fired in part because he forced the Eagles to change the traditional date of their Christmas party.
I thought of this feature Tuesday evening when I attended the 13-14 year-old teeners baseball all-star game between Abington, coached by a friend and teaching colleague of mine at LCCC, and Pittston Area, with several players who are sons of people I know, at Schautz Stadium in Dunmore.
Only this “Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us” was not so much funny as it was sad. And a bit terrifying.
As the players took infield and outfield practice prior to the game, rap music was blaring from the speakers at the stadium. Typically I cannot make out the lyrics of rap music, but on this occasion, they were remarkably clear. “I’m in love with your body,” the singer kept repeating over and over.
“I’m in love with your body.”
This with 13 and 14 year-old kids on the field.
All I could think of is when I was around their age, The Beatles were singing “I want to hold your hand.”
We’ve come a long way. Much of it downhill.

Ed Ackerman