Leave the gun …

… take the cannoli.
I think of that famous line from “The Godfather” and have to laugh at myself every time I finish my run on the elliptical apparatus at Planet Fitness and go off to grab some paper towels to wipe my sweat off the machine.
Of course, there is no gun and no cannoli involved, but there are car keys and an iPhone, and since I am about to leave the machine unattended, I always leave the keys and take the phone.
Odd as it sounds, I would rather someone steal my car than steal my phone. I have insurance on both, but it would be far, far easier to replace the car than to replace the phone.
I am not proud of it, but the phone has become my crutch. It provides things I can get nowhere else, not the least of which are the phone numbers of both of my children, one of whom lives in Austin, Texas, and the other in L.A. I know I should memorize those numbers, or maybe even get them tattooed on my body, but having them right there in the phone is so darned convenient.
On the other hand, the car is just a car.

Ed Ackerman