There was a time …

… when you might have waited half an hour in line to buy potato pancakes at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church summer picnic. Friday evening, I walked right up to an eager person manning the booth and had my order in less than a minute.
Mount Carmel is now St. Joseph Marello, but that has nothing to do with the sparse turnout at the picnic. That honor goes to the weather.
It was 96 degrees when I got to the picnic grounds and felt even hotter. I’ll bet it was 100 under the tents and God knows what it was in the back where they were cooking.
Not only do people not want to walk around a picnic when it’s that hot, many don’t even want to eat.
That’s unfortunate because these events are figured into a church’s budget.
There’s still a chance to enjoy the homemade food at St. Joseph Marello. The picnic continues this evening from 5 to 10 p.m. I recommend the pepper, egg and cheese sandwich, but that’s just me.
Across the river in Exeter, St. Barbara’s Parish picnic concludes this evening as well. It is hard to tell which parish serves the better food so I suggest you stop at both and decide for yourself. The heat be damned.

Ed Ackerman