Marketing 101

The commercial proclaims it has the answer to wrinkled clothing: dryer sheets.
Look at this shirt. A wrinkled mess.
Look at this shirt. Appears to have come right from a professional laundry.
But it didn’t. It came right out of a dryer this way. A dryer into which one of these fabulous dryer sheets was placed.
And here’s the best part.
If you want a shirt that’s even less wrinkled, why, just put in two dryer sheets.
And that way, you’ll get to buy twice the dryer sheets you used to buy!
No, the commercial didn’t say that last part. But that’s what you’ll wind up doing.
Which brings to mind a line from H.L. Mencken:
No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.
I’m just wondering how great my shirts will look with THREE dryer sheets.

Ed Ackerman