Beacons in the night

In my column a couple of weeks ago I talked about how much I appreciate the flood lights lighting up St. John the Evangelist Church in Pittston every night. You can view the majestic steeples from various points around the city, and for a special treat, I recommend driving down Church Street from the intersection of Butler and Church. You’ll be heading right toward St. John’s and the view is breathtaking.
Since the point of that column was to focus on the art of St. John’s, I did not mention another church view in Pittston that is equally spectacular. It’s the view of the First United Methodist Church on Wyoming Avenue in West Pittston, which is also fully lighted at night. I always look forward to seeing First United Methodist from the top of William Street if I am heading west. I keep one eye on it all the way down the hill.
Then last night, I spotted another steeple that took be by surprise. I was driving eastward over the Dale Kridlo Memorial Bridge and enjoying St. John’s off to my right when I happened to glance to the left, and there above the treetops was an illuminated cross. I knew immediately what it was: the cross atop the steeple of St. John’s Lutheran church on Wood Street. In the darkness it seemed to be floating in the sky.
I’ve added it to the list of reasons I am grateful to live here.

Ed Ackerman