Ahhh, tomato sammies

The official name is the Pittston Tomato Festival.
The Pittston is not there because it’s a Tomato Festival located in Pittston. It’s there because this is a festival celebrating the Pittston Tomato. The Pittston Tomato is the unique tomato grown in backyard gardens of homes all over Greater Pittston for more than a hundred years. It is purported to be tastier than other tomatoes and some attribute this to the soil in this former anthracite coal mining region.
All that can be debated, but one thing cannot: we grow some damned good tomatoes around here.
Well, most of us grow them. But the few who don’t, which includes my wife and me, fortunately have neighbors, friends or relatives who do. We get our homegrown tomato fix from my brother-in-law Paul.
One of my wife’s favorite things at this time of year is a tomato sandwich. A tomato sandwich made to precise specifications.
First of all, my wife likes her tomatoes chilled. Many prefer their homegrown tomatoes room or garden temperature, but not Mary Kay. She also likes her tomatoes sliced thick.
The ideal tomato sandwich for her must be on white bread. This presents a problem now that we are more health conscious, but I’ve managed to get her to accept white bread made with unbleached flour.
A must is Hellmann’s mayonnaise. There is no compromise on this.
Finally, a slice or two of Cooper cheese. My buddy Mike moved to Colorado Springs last summer and during a recent visit told me you cannot get Cooper cheese there. I find this appalling.
In case you are wondering, we don’t do BLTs in our house. We keep our tomato sandwiches simple.

Ed Ackerman