Not asking for much

A recent trip to the Delaware shore got me thinking about something I shared in a blog several years ago.
My measure of a pizza, I wrote back then, is how the leftovers hold up cold the next morning.
My measure of a book is how it makes time disappear. Has it made me stay up way past my bedtime?
My measure of a movie is am I still thinking about it days later?
And, as my recent vacation brought to mind, my measure of a hotel room is how conveniently the toilet paper holder is located.
I know you know what I’m talking about.
When on vacation you should not have to fear wrenching your back trying to reach the TP. Yet, I’d say one out of ten hotel bathrooms, at best, place the paper in a convenient location.
Those that do have every right to brag about it. I’d have it right on the marquee and website
Ocean view.
Free HBO.
Complimentary breakfast.
Toilet paper in easy reach.
I’d be sold in a minute.

Ed Ackerman