Time still on their side?

A couple of friends of mine went to see The Rolling Stones in concert a few weeks ago. I was impressed. And a little jealous.
I always run into them at the gym and when I saw them there last week – first time since the concert – I couldn’t wait to ask them about it. They were on side-by-side elliptical machines. I stood in front of them and asked, “So, how were the Stones?”
Before the husband could formulate an answer, his wife got all excited and blurted out, “Who has kidney stones?”
“Not kidney stones,” her husband chided. “The Rolling Stones. You know, the band we saw last week?”
Before she could respond, he added, “Of course, in a few years maybe they’ll have to change their name to The Kidney Stones.”
With Mick Jagger and Keith Richards each 76 and drummer Charlie Watts 78, maybe he’s on to something.

Ed Ackerman