Simon said

Reading the obituary of John Bernosky last week brought to mind many fond memories of his late dad, legendary basketball coach Simon Bernosky. John, whom I remember as a high school kid back when his dad was coaching at Wyoming Area, lived in New Jersey. He was only 63.
Simon Bernosky was a favored son of Hughestown, Pa., from where my mom’s family hailed. He was a close friend of my late uncle, Eddie Strubeck.
Simon was a basketball star at Hughestown High before continuing his career at East Stroudsburg. At Montrose, Pa., where he always will be a legend, the high school teams he coached won more than 100 straight league games, several district titles and a state championship. So loved was he at Montrose that throughout the town various signs would begin with “Simon says,” such as, “Simon says, drive slowly.”
A year or two before Simon’s death, like his son, of cancer, Uncle Eddie and I took him for a visit to Montrose. He was living in Harding then, where he took up residence when he became Wyoming Area’s head basketball coach in the ‘70s. A murmur went through Montrose that Simon Bernosky was in town and people began to drop everything and come to see him. I said later it was like going to South Bend with Knute Rockne.
Back when I was writing sports, I spent a lot of time talking with Simon Bernosky. He was a most interesting man. One time, he had just returned from a conference of athletic directors near Pittsburgh. He told me he had seen the best young shortstop ever at an American Legion baseball game. Simon was an excellent judge of talent and he insisted this kid had what it takes to be a star in the Major Leagues. But as it turned out, the kid he was talking about never played an inning of professional baseball.
That’s because his name was Dan Marino.
Until I read John’s obit I had not realized Simon’s widow, the former Rosemary O’Boyle, of Pittston, is still living. My heart goes out to her at the loss of her son.

Ed Ackerman