So there

From the time they could comprehend what I was saying, I told my daughter and son there was only one rule for them: they had to love each other.
They continue to remember this as adults and frequently send proof, typically photos of them meeting for coffee or lunch when they have the chance to get together. They know how much these things mean to me.
So I was delighted when Greta took her husband Josh and son Parker to Los Angeles last weekend to visit with my son Michael and his wife Ashley. Greta and her family live in Austin, Texas.
Parker, two and one-half, fell in love with his “Aunt Ashwey,” but kept referring to her as “that pretty lady.” As in, “Who do you want to sit next to, Parker?” “That pretty lady.” “Who do you want to hold your hand?” “That pretty lady.”
When Monday morning came and Greta started getting Parker ready for the flight home, he was sad. “I don’t want to leave,” he said.
“I know,” Greta answered. “I don’t want to leave either. We’re going to miss them.”
“I don’t want to miss them,” he replied.
Greta has no answer for that.

Ed Ackerman