Super memories

Yesterday, I learned, was National Pierogi Day. I’m fond of saying I could eat pizza every day. I must say the same about pierogies.
A lot was written regarding the occasion and in almost every article, whether in print or online, there was a sentence or two explaining what a pierogi is. I find it sad that some folks may not know. Just as I’ve always found it sad that most spellcheck programs on computers question the spelling of pierogi. To me, that means a good deal of the nation never heard of them.
Sad, yes, but also glad I am not among them.
Pierogies make me think of the late Msgr. J.J. Super, longtime pastor of St. John the Baptist church, Pittston. Msgr. Super was a legend. Balder than I, he’d sometimes wear a pretty convincing gray wig. And sometimes not.
One day, he called the paper I was working at asking to put an item in about an upcoming event. He was talking with my friend Kenny Feeney and asked Kenny to run his photo with the article so it would draw more attention. “You must have a photo of me on file,” he said.
“We do, several,” Kenny responded, “but I have a question. Top up or top down?”
“Doesn’t matter to me,” Msgr. Super said laughing. “Take your pick.”
Once, during church picnic season when various churches were running ads in the paper, I called Msgr. Super with a different question. I wanted to know if it was “pierogi” or “pirohi.”
“Some Eastern European people spell it ‘pirohi’ but we Slovaks do not,” he said.
I ran a story under the headline “Msgr. Super’s Pierogi Contain No H.”
He loved it.

Ed Ackerman