They wish they were here

My kids live in two of the most dynamic, exciting cities in America. My daughter in Austin, Texas, and my son in Los Angeles, California. Hollywood, to be exact.
And, yet, they envy me living in Northeastern Pennsylvania. At least they do these days.
That’s because Austin is still hitting 90 degrees most afternoons and LA is hovering in the upper 80s.
My kids are missing autumn.
They’re missing clear, cool days and chilly nights. They’re missing bowls of piping hot soup and hands cupped around cups of coffee or mugs of heated apple cider. They’re missing sweaters.
It’s good to remember that when we who live here find ourselves missing summer.
It’s also good to contemplate these words of F. Scott Fitzgerald:
“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in fall.”

Ed Ackerman