And in the end

The musicians of Classic Albums Live, in town to perform The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” at the F.M. Kirby Center a couple of weeks ago, told us to not expect them to talk. “Once we start,” the lead guitarist said, “we will play the album right through, note for note. We won’t be talking between songs or anything like that.”
But they did say a few words before hitting the first note of “Come Together.” And, of course, that included the obligatory, “How do you pronounce Wilkes-Barre?”
The bass player said they talked about it on their drive from Toronto, from which they hail, and when they got to town, they stopped for coffee and asked the girl who waited on them, “How do you pronounce this place?”
“Dunkin’ Donuts,” she said slowly and deliberately.
Then they started to play. And nailed it.
Man, did they nail.
After the little ditty, “Her majesty,” they took a break and then came back and played a bunch of other Beatles’ songs, this time with chit-chat.
What did I and my friends think of it?
We promised each other we’d be back at the Kirby on Jan. 18 for “Led Zeppelin II” and again on April 25 for Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.”
That’s what we thought of it.

Ed Ackerman