Patriotic eyes

I love the truth.
Call it the journalist in me.
Call it the journalist in me at a time in America when the truth has taken an awful beating.
So, even when filling out a form, I cannot tell a lie. I can’t even fib.
So when it asked for my height, I had to write 5’10, not 5’11 which I was until recently. 70 years of gravity has taken its toll.
Weight was more difficult to answer truthfully. Putting down an accurate 210 pounds hurt. And caused me to vow to do something about it.
I went with white for hair. The little I have left is indeed white.
Then came eye color.
For all my life I’d promptly write blue. But that is no longer the case. Years of reading – reading newspapers daily, reading books constantly, reading student compositions, and reading on computer screens – has resulted in a permanent case of bloodshot.
So instead of blue, I wrote red, white and blue.
Guess I’m an All American Boy.

Ed Ackerman