A night to remember

Save for the two Frank Sinatra covers – “Come Fly with Me” and “One for My Baby (And One for the Road)” – from her recent album “Let’s be Frank,” and her finale, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” I did not know a single song Trisha Yearwood sang Saturday night at the F. M. Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre. But, boy, was I glad I was there. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever experienced.
And that from a guy who’d be apt to say he doesn’t like country music.
After Saturday, I’m not sure I can ever say that again.
We were at the concert for two reasons.
And Kay.
That’s my wife’s name. Mary Kay is a huge Trisha Yearwood fan, for her music, yes, but also for her cooking show, the Emmy-winning “Trish’s Southern Kitchen.” Others in the audience obviously felt the same. “We love your carrot cake,” someone shouted during the concert. “We love your chicken,” another yelled.
There was a lot of “We love you” as well. And at one point, there was a loud, “We love Garth,” to which Trisha responded, “So do I,” before almost whispering, “He’s such a good man.” Trisha Yearwood is married to country music icon Garth Brooks.
I marveled at Trisha’s voice, was blown away by her band and back-up singers, and was drawn in by her charm.
You might even say I fell in love with her. Which was okay with Mary Kay. She fell in love with her too.

Ed Ackerman