Monday, Monday

My late Uncle Eddie, a man of class, dignity and humor who earned his living as a factory worker, used to say, “I think God made more Mondays than Fridays.”
I thought of him yesterday every time I heard someone say it was “the Mondayest Thursday ever.” He would have agreed.
As a college professor, it was nothing of the sort for me, but I fully understood the agony of those who were right back to work on January 2. The good news for them of course, was that despite its “Mondayness” it was still Thursday, making today Friday.
Funny thing is for the first 23 years of my working life, I knew nothing of the Monday blues. As editor of a Sunday newspaper, Monday was my day off. My anxiety built as the week wore on. When others were saying “Thank God It’s Friday,” I was saying “Oh, No, It’s Friday.”
The “Mondayness” of Thursday also caused me to think of my friend Joey Dietrick who once characterized retirement to me not as “every day is Saturday,” as many people say, but as this: “It’s never the last day of vacation. And it’s never Sunday night.”
Which may not seem it’s about Monday when, actually, that’s all it’s about.

Ed Ackerman