Green beer

Forget food coloring. We made our beer green by dumping a shot of lime vodka in it.
The lime vodka – I believe it was Jacquin’s – at our local bar in those days was green. Today’s flavored vodkas – Absolut comes to mind – are generally clear. But Jacquin’s in the early ‘70s was as green as a shamrock and, therefore, too tempting to pass up.
I cannot recall who invented the drink we came to call a “limer” but I do recall drinking a good deal of them, and not only on St. Patrick’s Day. A buddy and I once brought a case of Michelob and a bottle of green vodka to the Jersey shore for an Easter weekend getaway.
Looking back I have to wonder: Did we really like the taste of those foul things?
Please, don’t think for a minute I am recommending you add “limers” to your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. First of all, you’d be hard-pressed to find green vodka these days. But more importantly, no one needs a shot of vodka in a beer. It’s not only horrible tasting but also downright idiotic.
There was nothing glamorous about our “limer” days. We were just young and stupid. And damn lucky.
Lucky the DUI, as we now know it, had yet to be invented.
Stick with green food coloring.

Ed Ackerman