Now what?

As I ponder what this “new normal” in America is going to look like, not to mention when it will settle in, the only word to describe my feelings right now is “abnormal.”
I should be at the college right now. I’m not. I should be thinking about my remarks for the Father/Son/Daughter Communion Breakfast at Corpus Christi parish Sunday morning at which I am supposed to be toastmaster. It’s been cancelled. I should be digging out my Kelly green bow tie for Tuesday’s Greater Pittston Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Dinner. That won’t be necessary. I had taken a personal day for next Wednesday because I have tickets for Hamilton on Broadway. Oh well.
And I’m terrified to open the cabinet to check our toilet paper situation.
About the only thing I can think of to clear this mental fog is to go to the gym.
Wait. Is that allowed?

Ed Ackerman