Comic Relief II

Hearing that some, after recovering from the Covid-19 infection, temporarily lose their sense of smell caused me to think of an amusing story that goes back nearly 40 years. I’m telling it because I get the feeling we all could use a laugh.
My first wife and I were living in the Trexler Park Apartments in Allentown while she pursued her doctorate at Lehigh University. We chose an apartment there because of its proximity to the turnpike. I still worked in Pittston, a good hour’s drive away.
Our third-floor unit had a balcony overlooking the pool. The lush 150-acre Trexler Park was our backyard.
One evening, as we unlocked the apartment door, we were hit with a smell that told us something was definitely wrong. Something, our noses knew, with the sewer system.
We had become friends with the retired couple who lived on the first floor right beneath us and had been there for more than 20 years. They were our go-to folks when we had a question. So, down we went.
When our neighbor opened the door, the stench coming from his place was even worse. But not as bad as our embarrassment when we told him our concern.
“See,” he yelled to his wife, “I told you that cabbage stinks. Now you have these two kids all upset.”
He turned back to us and said, “Sorry. She can’t smell a thing.”
Though he was pretty cool about it, we slinked back upstairs wondering how we’d ever face them again.
But when we ran into them two days later in the parking lot, they were their old friendly selves.
“We’re going flying,” the man said. “I’m a pilot. She’s the navigator,” he added, pointing to his wife. “She looks better than she smells.”

Ed Ackerman