Comic Relief III

The topic turned to motion pictures in my Intro to Mass Communications class and as we reviewed the American Film institute’s Top 100 American Movies of all Time, my eyes alighted on Number 13, Bridge on the River Kwai. I broke into a broad smile.
It made me think of a cute story to share with the students, even though I was pretty sure that, at first, they wouldn’t get it. Neither will you, I suspect.
Those of you familiar with the movie will not be surprised at its lofty ranking. Those who are not may still recognize its famous theme song, an instrumental best performed by simply whistling. I suggest you view the movie, of course, but if time is limited, at least look up the song. It is guaranteed to lift your spirits. You might very well wind up whistling it all day. And thanking me.
Best Score is one of the seven Academy Awards the movie won. Best Picture and Best Actor are among the others.
The cute story involved by dear friend and former newspaper colleague Bill “Cowboy” Watson.
Bill was flipping through the channels in his family room one lazy Saturday afternoon and when he stumbled upon Bridge on the River Kwai settled right in to enjoy it.
A bit later his little boy walked in.
“What are you watching, Dad?” he asked.
“Bridge on the River Kwai,” Bill answered.
“Oh,” his boy said, “I just wanted to know.”
I’ll give you a minute.
Okay, I’ll spell it out.
“Bridge on the River Kwai,” Bill said.
“Oh, I just wanted to know,” his son responded.
Maybe if I add a comma.
And a question mark.
“Bridge on the River, Kwai?”
Maybe if I explain “Kwai” is pronounced “Kwy.”

Ed Ackerman