A ‘big girl’ gift for dad

My daughter, my son and I shared a little text fun recently with each of us listing ten musical albums that influenced our lives. The operative word being “influenced.” Not just your ten favorite, but ten that meant something.
One on my daughter’s list brought a tear to my eye.
Although it was named 2008 record album of the year, not many know of “Raising Sand.” But for my daughter and me, it has a special place in our hearts. It was what they call a cross-over venture, with rock idol Robert Plant, lead singer of the legendary band Led Zeppelin, teaming with Country music star and fiddle player Alison Krause. They released a single, a cover of the old Everly Brothers song “Gone, Gone, Gone,” and my daughter and I loved it.
Fresh from earning a Master’s Degree at Savannah College of Art & Design, Greta, 25 at the time, was working at an ad agency in New York City and living with her mom and stepdad in Montvale, New Jersey. It was nice to have her just a little more than a couple of hours’ drive away.
Greta took complete charge the day of the concert, about three weeks later on July 12. She insisted on driving, in her stepdad’s new M-Class Mercedes, and when we arrived, she even bought the beers and genuine Philly cheesesteaks, which it turned out, she had never before tasted.
She had several more beers during the concert, which told me my daughter clearly was not a child any more, and as we headed for the parking lot afterwards, she wisely handed me the keys and asked if I’d drive.
Greta was sound asleep before we hit the Schuylkill Expressway and did not stir all the way home. For a couple of hours she once again was my little girl, safe and sound in her father’s loving care.
And, as good as the concert was, that was the best Father’s Day gift of all.

Ed Ackerman